The TPG Advantage


An engagement with The Punaro Group (TPG)is characterized by common-sense, workable solutions that are objective, sustainable and executable, connecting your product or service or solving your problems with the people who need to know about it in a way that will be effective. TPG holds high-level clearances and is able to deal with sensitive, classified matters.

Once an effective strategy has been adopted, TPG supports implementation, advising on how to present the case, to whom, when and how it should be delivered, drawing on the unparalleled experience and performance that is the company’s hallmark.

TPG provides:

  • Keen insights into relevant decision makers and their decision-making process.
  • Strategies to influence the people, process and the decision in order to accelerate growth of your business.
  • The right mix of communications, marketing and trouble shooting your situation requires.
  • Thorough understanding of the competitive landscape through critical thinking and analysis based on unparalleled experience.
  • Identification of risks to your strategy and the development of risk-mitigation plans.
  • Mentoring through the labyrinth of political dynamics, market forces and budget timing.
  • Analysis of the federal market place and the interplay of markets and the federal budget to discover opportunities and overcome challenges.
  • Predictions of directions in the federal market place.
  • Judgments and recommendations on the success of your enterprise.
  • Go/No-Go decision support in the executive branch, Congress and industry.

Client Engagements

Representative client services for Fortune 5 to Fortune 250 companies:

  • Provided a market analysis and winning capture plan for Fortune 50 company on a multi-billion dollar military program.
  • Chaired a “black hat” review for a merger and acquisition for a Fortune 25 outcome.
  • Provided “due dilligence” on market potential for M&A proposal.
  • Provides periodic and event-related business environment assessments to include market and budget trends, policy updates and predictions.
  • Provides analysis for investor relations and earnings calls for major defense and aerospace companies.
  • Provided crisis management including event analysis, strategy development, customer relationship restoration, stakeholder outreach and reputation repair for a data breach event in which privacy protected information was potentially compromised for 850,000 government personnel and their families.
  • Prepared CEOs and other senior leaders for congressional testimony, to include prepared statements and hearing simulations.
  • Developed and implemented a strategic call plan for a large “troubled program” and avoided adverse actions.
  • Serves on several outside advisory panels for major corporations doing sensitive, classified work.