Services and Products


The Punaro Group (TPG) provides you with the services and analytical products you need to seize opportunities and accelerate your growth in the federal marketplace. The services offered here are informed by deep understanding of the decision-making processes in Washington. TPG produces common-sense solutions that are practical, workable and sustainable.


TPG provides the full range of services in business development, customer relationships, communications, risk assessment, crisis management, and government relations in Congress, the executive branch, industry and all stakeholder groups. Services include:

  • Strategies that shape the Washington battlefield to produce the outcomes you seek
  • Analysis of federal budgets and related legislation (e.g., the Sequester) as they relate to contracted spending to help forecast   potential outcomes in customer-specific markets
  • Identification of opportunities for your business and capture planning for major federal opportunities
  • Witness preparation and testimony support for high-stakes congressional appearances
  • Merger and acquisition support from start to finish
  • Risk identification and mitigation
  • Guidance through the labyrinth of political dynamics, market forces and budget timing
  • Go/No-Go decision support in legislative and executive branches, and in industry


In addition to specific analytic projects on markets, M&A, political and budgetary development, TPG prepares an Annual Business Environment Analysis (ABE) with timely updates, drawing together complex information from all relevant sources and distills it in an understandable, actionable way that informs real business decisions. The ABE forms the basis for client-specific updates that render the complexities of the federal market understandable.