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FOX Business: Two-Star General Punaro Warns US Military: ‘China is on the March’

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Breaking Defense: Book Excerpt – Pruning The Acquisition Kudzu

Read the excerpt from “The Ever-Shrinking Fighting Force,” a new book from Arnold Punaro.


The Punaro Perspective: The Office of the Secretary of Defense

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Military Times: Can Defense Squeeze Onto Congress’ Busy Agenda?

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Government Matters TV: US Must Get More Out of its Defense Spending, Says Retired Marine Corps Major General

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Politico: What We’re Reading

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The Punaro Perspective: The Ever-Shrinking Fighting Force

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On this week’s Punaro Perspective, Arnold L. Punaro discusses his newly-released book, The Ever Shrinking Fighting Force. Focused on preserving America’s unmatched capabilities and global reach, The Ever-Shrinking Fighting Force explores complex issues, such as the glacial pace and increasing costs of acquisitions, the spiraling growth of the defense agencies and DoD’s overhead, and the fully-burdened costs of the all-volunteer force. Purchase a copy of the book at Barnes & Noble ( or Amazon (


The Punaro Perspective: Senator John Warner

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Military Times Op-Ed: Creating a DC National Guard Quick-Reaction Force is a Bad Idea

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The Punaro Perspective: Withdraw from Afghanistan

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